005 – "Favorite Things" – Top of the Week

Some of my favorite things.


In my case, all the precious things of my memories I carry in my mind. I would like to have some other object to which to associate those images that fade with the passing of time. I would probably have too many things if that were the case, so I prefer not to give impulse to an accumulating habit, hahaha(now that I think about it, it’s very contradictory).

I feel like those cameras must take really good pictures.

Beautiful video, Elliot. I look forward to the next Top of The Week.

Ohh the perfume got me. I keep a lot of empty bottles full of memories, one is special.
My grandma bought this perfume about 30 years ago in US. When I was little, she gave it to me saying it contains magic, it had been already empty with no cap since years. It still smells like childhood to me and it instantly brings me to simple times where worries don’t exist 🥲

What smell is it?

So lovely, Elliot. Your most cherished times are super nostalgic. Thanks for sharing :relaxed: