A change in life

Elliot! Okay, so I’ll tell what i remember about the answer you gave me to a question I made. It was about the topic of what ideas made you make this album(A change in diet). What I interpreted of your words was, that you were struggling with a situation in your life that lasted so long, and the album was a representation of what you wanted it to last, a materialization of your desire to overcome that situation. If I didn’t understand your words, correct me, please, haha. It is fundamental information for the community’s knowledge (I guess) he, he.:orangutan:

Hi @Ada_Soulful!

I think the post you’re referring to is this one:

The whole record kind of materialized during this time of serious lows for me … something that normally doesn’t last terribly long ended up going on for months. I kind of wanted the whole thing to feel fleeting, like energy is escaping. Like tunes didn’t have the umph to hit the ceiling (no pun intended) as you might expect them to. Because that’s what it feels like … the heart draining from the arrangements as your excitement or passion can. And incorporating that sort of honesty about what was “possible” gave me quite a push. I felt like there was less translating to be done between feeling → music.

Basically what I ended up saying was, I didn’t write in any way that felt like I was bending the sentiment of the music in favor of making it more musically interesting. You feel a sort of pressure to “make this the big chorus” or “go somewhere wild” for the bridge. But it just wasn’t that for me this time. I wanted to have the production reflect the energy that inspired the songs, and that isn’t an energy to run wild. It was calmly getting the thoughts in a safe place, and building around them.


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I thought it was lost, hahaha(thankfully is not).I understand more about it now, thanks to you. Yeah, it kinda hard to understand it, for me, because I’m still learning this language(English), haha.

When I first heard “A change in diet”, it was strange, because it gave me the feeling of being stuck in a situation(for example: In the same place) and as a counterpart, a feeling of transition and learning from the difficult times(like “Smile in the rain”). Obviously, I had to translate the lyrics because I wanted to understand beyond the impact and Impression that the instrumentals gave me.

Thanks, Elliot :slight_smile:

Of course.

Smile in the Rain is kind of an acknowledgement of my tenancies to stagnate. Like no matter what frame you put around something, it still doesn’t feel right. So you ignore it.

In the Same Place is very similar in meaning. But sort of adds a layer, where no matter what we do, things still seem to end up the way they’re gonna. Not some big statement on free will or anything, but more like maybe I, as an individual, am wired to make things happen a certain way for myself.

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I am very obsessive, so it’s positive when you use it to find the solution or the answer to your sufferings , but at the same time it can be difficult to get out of that situation, thus is ambiguous. Being obsessive makes me become tenacious, and in this way I can find how to conquer a better version of myself. Consequently I wrote songs to illustrate this process. So, I think that those two songs(Smile in the rain and In the same place) are the very opposite of me(if my translator gave me a correct translation of your words).


For me, being very prone to low-periods and not having much control of my energy, writing helps maintain perspective. Encountering some immutable issue, when I’ve exhausted my resources, sometimes reconciliation is the only move. So “trapping” something in a pretty container ends up being the solution for the suffering, at least. Of course, it doesn’t always address the cause, but my response is always something I can change and work on.

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I understand more now. Well, I think that we have similar methods to confront the difficult times. But, the most important thing it’s that we found a way to conquer our demons. Maybe this conversation will be useful for many people, the same as i do.

Thanks, Elliot.

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