A short story

Hi guys, I’m here to share a short story I wrote based on my interpretation of the song Boomerang by the great Elliot. I hope you like it.

PS: I think it can only be opened with a PDF reader.

Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cdtgtzev4m34bup/boomerang%20by%20ada.pdf?dl=0


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You have such talent to pour true feelings to words… I am so moved, never actually realized how painful it must be to stand in that place and this, I felt it with my whole being, holy ugh. Your style is so simple yet poetic. I hope you do write a lot and make something out of it, I would love to see your content somewhere!

Plus, what a peculiar ending. My brain started playing Lost Birds and created an imaginary music video as I was reading the last paragraph. Looks cool in my mind. I think that song could pretty much be a continuation to that story, from the other person’s perspective. Mind blown!

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I am so surprised and grateful that you liked it! I wanted the story to be straightforward and blunt. I reserve metaphors because sometimes these are more personal and not everyone is going to interpret the same thing. I’m so glad I got my point across, thank you so much!

Regarding the sequel, I’d like to know what artist the song Lost Birds you mentioned is from(it would be great to listen to it and do the other perspective with that song). :slight_smile: :relaxed:

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It’s Elliot Moss! The new track in collab with Zeds Dead. Oh boy. I envy you that you get to listen it for the first time now ahh

I love this song so much I did what we discussed in another thread - I added my vocals singing along harmonizing to it :grimacing: and showed it to my mum hahahah

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@elliotmoss i got some of the lyrics wrong oh no.

In dark of night instead of and I’ll go mine
new ground instead of the ground
And I’m from instead of I’ve flown

Makes better sense now 🥲

Can you please tell us how did the writing process go? Who wrote which parts of this song? It was so interesting to hear another person’s touch in your music, I wondered about it.

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Oh God! I’ve listened to it and it’s beautiful(and I thought I’d heard all of Elliot’s songs) . Thank you so much for enlightening my ignorance, haha. I’m definitely going to write part 2!

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@Ada_Soulful you’re welcome hahah, we still haven’t heard Mercury tho :smirk:

Can’t wait for the sequel!

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Hi @krolewskie so they sent me an instrumental and I wrote words and melody to sing! I chopped it up a bit to suit the new “form” imposed by the words, but hardly. Super easy process in this case!


@elliotmoss I was just thinking, what do you think about the little story I wrote about Boomerang?(only if you’re interested in reading it, obviously) haha :wink:

@krolewskie Look what I found when I searched for the song Lost Birds without knowing it was by Elliot Moss (I was surprised to hear it and I liked it a lot). I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Here is the link:https://youtu.be/ScVIWOfbroM

Edit: Can you see it? Because i cannot. The song is by Syd Matters, Lost bird

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Woah that must have been so smooth. I would bet you had participated in the process of creating the instrumental, there are some aspects that seem much like your style and some that don’t.

What about the topic of the lyrics? Was it something you agreed with them upon for some reason or you just got inspired with the music?

I love the melody, it speaks for itself and is so complete with the lyrics.
Also, the nostalgic feel of longing and resentment in the chorus that creeps up between the lines inspired me to join. As I was singing along, the second verse felt as if it could be told by the other bird as well and both of them were going through the same trouble simultaneously, far apart, because they are still connected anyway. Funny how a song about abandonment and solitude can consist of two points of view using the same words from opposite perspectives. Would you agree with such interpretation or not really? To me I it only enhances the powerful feelings it originally delivers.

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Wow, the guitar the lyrics :relieved::heart: It’s beautiful! I needed to hear something like that now ah

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@krolewskie the Part 2 is here! Tell me what do you think about it, and i hope you like it :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

Lost birds by Ada

The wind howls in my ears, and the snow is covering this little world. My heart has long since frozen. I suffer in the effort to pretend that I still feel something, that the love I don’t feel will be born of a flimsy belief. I keep silent, for, though I try, I know you know my lapses and wish for your help in saying those words. The words of an ending and for me, of the beginning of a new freedom. I look at the sky these days and envy the birds, possessed of those wings that would open an escape to new invisible paths.

You, of kind eyes and soft hands, do not know that you are the torture in these nights where I cried my bitterness. But tomorrow I will do it, I repeat myself again and again. In a loop of incessant despair, for feeling responsible for breaking your heart, for believing myself in possession of evil. But I know I’m deluded, for there is no harm in deciding what will be best for both of us in the end. You will not have to suffer the guilt of my will and my heart locked away.

Today is the day. Today I bid you farewell. However, I want you to remember me as the one who has fought to keep these ruins where we lived those long moments.

Survive, go on without me.

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Your words are on point. So soothing in their almost brutal straightforwardness. Maybe because of how deep the understanding of the perspective you talk about is? I love those stories, short insights with so much to think about.

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When I was writing the story, I wasn’t thinking about reflecting anything about me, but about interpreting Elliot’s song. However when I finished it, I realized that in part the story has something that I have gone through. I love how you can understand the words I write so well. On the other hand, would you like to write a story about a song you’ve heard?

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Haha I think I’d rather write a song about a story I’ve read :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

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I would love to write a story and have you compose about it. It would be very nice and fun. Whenever you want, send me a message and we’ll do it. Haha :slight_smile: :wink:

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That’s a great idea! I’ll dm you :blush::kissing_heart:

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