A trip down memory lane: old tour photos

Felt like sharing some old photos … I took them all with my trusty Contax T2 film camera … thing has such a magic lens on it. Makes things look cooler than they were. I think the thing I miss most about touring is taking pictures (none of these particularly good, but nice memories.)


Dutch canals! just moved out of there, makes me miss this place. By the way, what about the glasses situation? :upside_down_face:

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Love it there. And glasses are ok! This is my other pair, switching it up. Time for an ophthalmologist visit to get new lenses :slight_smile:

Aww and I was sure you broke them. Good to spice things up sometimes haha :laughing: hope you don’t need super ultra thick lenses. So, Europe huh? Does it float anywhere between plans and cool in the post pandemic department of the back of your head?

Fingers crossed! We’re just waiting for the green light to head back out, too :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to see you live! Maybe a thread about performing would be nice to have here. I’d like to learn more about things you need to do on stage to deliver the best of studio record, what to give up on, what to change, pre record and such. Other people here probably know better how to ask these questions and start topics :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Would love to. Start a thread in Shows and I’ll jump in!


I love these. They tell the story of tour so well…lightness, stillness, impermanence, fun, beauty.

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Beautiful photos, I just bought a second hand T2… what film do you recommend to use with it? what was the film used here? any other tips? Thanks Elliot :slight_smile: