About songwriting

Hey,Mr. Moss, greetings from the old ceiling. You did a wonderful job with this community space. So, about songwriting, I was thinking and wanting to know how do you compose and choose your lyrics to make an album. What inspires you?, Do you focus on a subject and compose about it? Or is it more spontaneous?

PS: I composed a song inspired on one of your songs from the album “A change in diet”. But it is in Spanish,I couldn’t decide to upload it or not. :’(

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I’d love to hear.

For me it usually starts with a strong feeling or an experience … and I use songwriting as a way of giving that thing a beginning and end. The more I do it right, the more I realize how therapeutic writing music can be. It’s a way of giving beauty and form to a thing that hurts you, and a sense of control over whatever it is, too. Looking back, there are lots of things from my life happily trapped in bottles now. It’s been really helpful.

More specifically it usually starts with a single line, or a short verse. If I can get something potent enough that it comes across in a few words, it’s a good spot to build out from. These come along at any time, and I jot them down to use when I’ve got time to sit and work.



I like to have an idea and give it a structure, thus I can understand more about it and about me, too. If I gave it a melody, I think I can express my soul, my thoughts to others in a more three-dimensional way.

Well, here is the song I wrote inspired by Bodyintoshapes.


Pieza de puzle

Te observan de reojo
y deciden que partes sacar.
Interés es su objetivo,
al bien común tu ser has de rendir.

Esbelta y de plástica sonrisa
es la meta de llegada.

Luego diseccionan tu alma,
buscando formas que encajen en este rompecabezas.

Se eliminan las que en el sistema
no han de caber.

Y el resultado óptimo
de seguro que no eres tú.

¿O si?



Puzzle piece

They watch you out of the corner of their eye
and decide which parts to take out.
Interest is their goal,
to the common good your being must yield.

Slender and with a plastic smile
Is the goal of arrival.

Then they dissect your soul
looking for shapes that fit into this puzzle.

They eliminate those that in the system
will not fit.

And the optimal result
is most certainly not you.

Or is it?

I feel it would be great like a rap song, hahaha. (I hope that I translated correctly)

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I like it a lot – kind of trying to analyze someone and find what’s real despite the persona they put on.

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Well, I wrote it thinking on my experiences. I found many people who wanted to change my being and personality just for their liking, objectifying me for the only purpose of use me as a tool. So, yeah, this is an illustration of that experience.

Oh interesting – I got it backwards. Regardless, great work.

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I’m very honoured, thank you Elliot :slight_smile: