Choosing an instrument

Hello, for some time I have been thinking about buying a violin or a saxophone, but I am very indecisive since I have never had one, It is very complicated to learn how to play them? Any recommended brand? Any online site where I can learn more about these and learn how to play them?

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I’d look into music featuring both and see which you gravitate to most. A lot of learning will be learning pieces on the instrument, so it’s good to be excited about the material.

I started learning the sax about eight months ago and love it. It’s a timbre I’ve always wanted to be able to use freely, and that’s been really nice.

Mechanically they are really different things, require different types of care, and assume different roles in music. But both are a great choice, of course.

YouTube is my favorite place to learn … lots of people excited about what they’re doing & willing to share their experiences.


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Knowing the opinion of someone who has already experienced it is helpful, thank you very much, I hope to hear you playing the sax soon, much success!

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