DAW and gear

Hi Elliot!

Hope all is well with you :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you’ve got any favourite gear or tools for music production and sound design (synths, VSTs, control surfaces, plugins, etc). Also, what is your current DAW, and which DAWs have you used in the past ? Feel free to include your opinion and preferences pls! I am fairly new to music production, started off in Logic Pro X and I’ve recently subscribed to Studio One Sphere to get a feel for another DAW.

All the best!

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Hi @Cmelazz, welcome.

I’ve started a whole category for this, actually! Check out Gear. Also there’s a specific thread dedicated to Favorite Plug-ins that I’ll be updating.

I flow between Pro Tools and Ableton Live pretty freely. Do all my mixing in Pro Tools, and grew up using that. My first DAW was Sonic Foundry’s ACID, very loop-based.

Jumping around feels good, been trying to get into Reason for some inital production stuff. I’ve used Cubase for arranging in the past, though most people I work with use Logic for that now, so I’m limping along in there for strings and horns.

To sum up: 70% of my time is spent in Pro Tools. 20% in Ableton Live and 10% other.

I haven’t tried Studio One, will have to check it out.


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Thanks so much for sharing! I am currently part of a Discord server that’s based around music production. It’s a really fun little community. The majority of members in this group currently use Presonus’ Studio One because they’ll come across the Discord thru the server admin’s YouTube streams and Studio One tutorials. S1 looks to be much more user friendly than Logic Pro to me, so I have decided to give it a try. Felt like I hit a wall with Logic Pro, tho I suspect that just may be due to my lack of mixing skills and knowledge :sweat_smile: haa…

At the end of the day, to me, they’re all pretty much the same. Just different tools ordered in different ways. Won’t get into mix engines and summing.

All about where you’re comfortable and when you can get the software to vanish, leaving only your ideas and intent. That’s Pro Tools for me, there’s no thinking “how do I do this?” So I live there. But I think you can get that with any of them, assuming they’re not being glitchy or unpredictable!

My favorite (ha) glitch in my world is occasionally a track will just not play. The meter will move, the audio is there, all is well, but no sound. And it’s a drag if it’s an element in the mix that you don’t hear as much. Reboot and it’s back. Who knows. Second computer my HDX rig has done this on.

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Haha! Truth. I hope to find my go-to DAW soon. Thanks so much for the insight :slight_smile:

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