Falling Down and Getting Hurt


This is one of my favourites from you. One of those tracks that seems to sound better every time.

Aside from the songwriting, the production is also really interesting.

I LOVE the main poly synth throughout…what is that?? The panning on it really keeps It interesting and helps the energy and flow. I’m interested to hear what the process was here… did you record in every note/voice in the chord prog and then pan manually after or was it all recorded in stereo and then played with after? Be great to get some insight into this. Wil


Thank you! Its production is among the songs I’m most proud of!

My trusty Prophet 08. The same patch appears a lot on the record. It has a knob on it called “pan spread.”

I recorded the performance to MIDI, and ran it many times recording the audio. Then I picked the best “spread” of each chord and chopped it together so it didn’t feel off-kilter ever.

There’s a bit of stereo-spread happening with S1 or something, but panning the piano in a tad made the synth sound huge by contrast.

Other times, I will totally do what you’re saying and have each voice of a synth break out to its own track. Cool to throw reverb or distortion on some, but not all.

And finally, I love putting just a drop of Xfer OTT on analog synths to extract a bit of harsh fizziness. Totally changes how they sit in the mix and often times makes room for a vocal, which feels counterintuitive, since you end up with more highs.



Amazing to hear, thanks Elliot!

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