Favorite Plug-ins

Audio plug-ins! We will never have enough. I’ll post cool ones I find and use in here, and would love to hear yours.

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This is one of my all-time favorite compressors … use it over analog stuff all the time.


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A little pricey, but I just started using Serum. Really cool synth, it’s got interesting features. You can create your own wave table and customize the harmonics. It’s got 2 randomized algorithm LFOs too, and built in FX. Check it out, link below :slight_smile:


Love Serum. And love the community around it. Xfer’s OTT is on almost every mix I’ve ever done and it’s free!!!

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Oh waow cool!! I’m still figuring out compressors, especially multi band… (just mixing in general is still a pretty big mystery to me). Thanks for sharing Elliot :slight_smile:

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Hey Elliot, great to be a part of this community! What do you like to use to create interesting space / enhanced stereo in a mix? I love the reversing synth in July 4 live blackbox. Any favourite techniques you come back to or plugins/chains etc…

On a different note i’m really into the apulsoft stuff at the min, if you haven’t check it! the apshaper is really powerful & inspiring https://www.apulsoft.ch/

Whoa apshaper looks very cool… gotta get these.

As for space and size, a few things

  • Hard panning reverbs, and even pushing them past 100%. Maybe a special one for like 300% wide that’ll go away in mono.
  • Mid-side recording
  • Various spreader plugins. The fiedler audio stage one is really nice, and has some extra stuff to mess around with. Goes on sale often. Also got the DearVR one recently which is fun.
  • I’m always watching a phase scope with things like that to see whether there’s potential to get things wider or if I’m overdoing it.
  • Also for me, duplicating a sound, panning origial and duplicate hard left and hard right, and then slight formant shift on the duplicate makes some crazy textures that feel very spacious.

The July 4 sound is some synth into the OTO Bim - right out of the box. Thing’s massive.


apshaper is incredible get stuck in. Thanks a bunch for all this, the formant trick sounds really interesting going to try that now… kind of you to share thanks. Thought the BIM might have had something to do with that… totally mesmerising bit of kit!

The D16 plugins are seriously poewerful too, if you like chorus check syntorus 2

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Suppose it’s not a deep find, but love browsing the Arturia Analog Lab presets for good inspo, then dive into the editor to tweak them :pray:

Me too. Love Arturia!