Samples - 001 - homemade HS-1000 Drum Samples

I’ve put together a library of 400+ drum samples made on my old SH-1000. They’re very weird, but sometimes weird is useful to us(?) I especially like how the kicks turned out. Enjoy and use them in good health! Free for commercial use.

Download HS-1000 Drums here via Dropbox.


Amazing! Can’t wait to try it out, I can already sense the quarks of inspiration around me :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: thank youuu!


so excited for this!! thank you so much for sharing Elliot :pray: looking forward to more sample packs

also, it would be cool for anyone who uses them to drop their creations in the feedback loop channel !!


My pleasure! And that would be cool to hear.


Thanks for sharing these Elliot, love the sound of a SH-1000! Super excited to have a play them with them later. I’ll be sure to share some of my own samples in the future :slight_smile:

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