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Hi Elliot! Some of my fav music to listen to (other than your incredible music :pray: ) is actually video game OSTs. I was wondering if you’re a gamer. If so, what are your favs for gameplay and fav OSTs ? I’ll share mine after if you are :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Zelda (little indie game) is probably my favorite OST. Ocarina in particular. I actually bought an ocarina on eBay when I was little and learned all of the melodies. And the music of Majora’s Mask still has this really cool effect on me, like it says uncertainty and darkness in such a unique way. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s entangled with the games narrative or what, but whenever I hear it, the feeling is instantly there. It’s almost unpleasant, but you can’t stop listening. Man that game stressed me out haha.

A put a lot of time into the Fallout games, and WoW back in high school. I’ve always had really lousy reaction time, so I was pretty much useless at CoD or Counterstrike.



Sweet, Zelda is a classic, though I’ve actually never played it… I really should.

Who needs FPS games anyway? I love indie gamer and my #1 fav is Hollow Knight. Even just listening to the OST by Christopher Larkin is amazing. Another incredible OST is Lena Raine’s Celeste, tho warning, the game itself is incredibly unforgiving ahah! Still worth it for those sweet square wave synth leads. And one more is Crypt of the Necrodancer. Rhythmic roguelike top view dungeon crawl (another unforgiving game), the OST by Danny Baranowsky is my jam. I am a big chiptune fan, so you’ll see that Celeste and COTN are chiptune, tho Hollow Knight is much more orchestral.

Thanks so much for sharing your gaming experience :relaxed:

I’ll have to check those out! Somewhere, I ran the Tetris theme through a giant modular synthesizer, speaking of chip tune, and it’s MASSIVE. I’ll see if I can find it.


O M G, I am waiting !!! Plsss pls share if you find it !! :pray:

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