Vocal processing

Hi E!

I was wondering if you might be willing to do a kind of tutorial or explainer on producing your vocal harmonies, in the studio and especially during live shows. What gear or software you’re using, how you program your own harmonies if you do, etc. I feel like I have a good understanding of creative aspects of vocal harmonies, but am pretty lost w.r.t. the technical aspect, and I figured I’d ask you for help before I dive into TC Helicon land… Really love and admire your vocals!!

Thanks and yrs truly,
A vocalist who wants to do more with harmonies

Some of elliot’s track sound like they’re using Antares Harmony Engine (the same guys who make Autotune) - though you can achieve a similar effect with other plugins like iZotope Vocalsynth or Nectar.

With these, you can just tell it what key you’re in and which intervals you want, or even feed it MIDI to snap to, and it generates the harmonies for you! Could be worth trying any of those out

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Thank you so much!! Haven’t ever used anything like these and I’m excited to explore them. :slight_smile:


VocalSynth is a really fun one! Lots of cool sounds you can get from it, though it’s more Vocoder-y instead of digital harmonies. Always worth a play around with the trial versions! Waves Ovox is another good one… :sweat_smile: